The Impact of an Eden Garden


If you can turn a barren field in the heart of West Africa,


into a fruit-bearing Eden Garden,


you have invested in the future.


Your children will grow up eating nutritious fruit,


spending much of their leisure time in the field,


sowing, guarding and harvesting from the trees you have established.


Your Eden Garden will provide activity for every member of the family,


uniting your family as a team.


There will be enough to eat at every meal,


and your children will grow up round and healthy.


The fruit you harvest will easily be sold at the market, giving you precious fruit money which is yours to invest as you please.


Your daughters will grow up to be self-confident individuals, well aware of the means available to them with an Eden Garden and expecting nothing less from their future husband.


If you can turn your barren field into a fruit-bearing Eden Garden, your family will achieve self-sustainability and you will no longer be considered poor.


All thanks to the Lost Treasures of Eden.

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  1. What a wonderful post full of lively photographs. I’m inspired to go out and rake the back yard before the yard people come with their poisons. We are far from your Eden here in the midst of not just plenty, but way too much!

  2. Small steps lead to great changes, and every small thing we do to make the world a better place does just that. Increased food, self-sufficiency, independence – it’s impossible to put a price on those, or even assign them a value.

    If you save one person, it’s as if you save the whole world.

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