Selling Eden Snacks

Barira is one of many Eden girls who makes who makes a profit thanks to the Eden Garden of her family. “My father joined the Eden program in 1995”, says Barira, “and for many years now, I’ve been making a snack out of Eden leaves that I have been selling in the village.” Barira’s snack is made of cooked Eden leaves (which taste like spinach), which she mixes with peanut powder and spices.

Like many Eden girls, Barira is not one to sit idly at home and wait for things to happen. If there is anything she would like to buy, she makes sure to earn the money herself; which she can, thanks to her family’s Eden Garden. “This snack sells very well and I have many clients! I buy all my clothes with money I earn myself. I bought this pink outfit not long ago and it cost me about €5. Isn’t it pretty?”

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  1. A young entrepreneur…good for her!! I hope as she grows older she will also save some of her money to invest in the family business.

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