Leafy Harvest

In every Eden Garden, the edible leaves of perennial trees play an important part in the lives of their human caretakers.

Rich in proteins, these “leafy vegetables” of the drylands ensure a nourishing and varied diet. They are consumed widely within the household as well as sold at the market.

In a field 80 km south of Eden’s field station, we meet the family of Hamidu.

Hamidu joined the Eden program in 2002, and today, his wife and children harvest leaves and fruits from the Eden Garden they have established.

“Because we joined Eden,” says Hamidu’s wife Hadisa, “There are always things to harvest from our Eden Garden, and because the trees are drought-tolerant, we can now manage in years with little rain. Last year, the millet harvest was very poor, but the Eden trees did not let us down and we could live off the fruit and leaves they produced. As long as we have our Eden Garden, we will always have enough to eat!”

The daughter of Hamidu with newly harvested Eden leaves

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  1. Are these naturally occurring or planted trees? I think it’s wonderful to gather from the land without stripping it bare. It’s really all about respect isn’t it.

  2. Congratulations on this wonderful new blog! I just now sat down with it after re-finding the URL on Mike Peterson’s Nellie Blog. Such a lovely, uplifting, spirited blog! I love it! It’s wonderful to see the happy, well-fed children living off their crops in an excessively dry, hot area.

    Kind regards, M.E.

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